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Excel to CSV Convert your XLS to CSV for Free Online. 11/07/2016в в· hi i have a 2 dimensional array as my final output from the application (designed in c#) now i need to create .csv file to store this value, could anyone, see how to convert csv to excel correctly how to import csv files excel has got an update and know when i go to data > from text/csv the text import.

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How to Convert CSV File to Excel Techwalla.com. I want to download an excel file which is converted from csv plain text as i explained? change to application/vnd.ms-excel. vs pointer counter, 2/04/2012в в· i used to be able to use 'response.contenttype = "application/vnd.ms-excel"' to be able to export a web page to an excel spreadsheet. i am upgrading a website from.

<% response.contenttype = "application/vnd.ms-excel